Froggy Fun

A Frog Theme For Pre School, Kindergarten, and First Grade

Item details

1.) Froggy Craft Template and Froggy Little Book (6 Page PDF)
2.) Frog Play Dough Mats (3 Page PDF)
3.) Accordion Egg to Frog Book (4 Pages PDF)
4.) Life Cycle Pocket Chart and Matching Take it To Your Seat Center ( 6 Pages PDF)
5.) Five Green and Speckled Frogs Printables to make interactive chart.  (4 Pages PDF)
6.)Frog Hopper Dice Board Game (3 Pages PDF)
7.) Paper Plate Frog Blower Craft Templates (1 Page PDF)
8.) Five Frogs and a Flip Flip Book  (4 Pages PDF)
9.)Hop Frogs Simple Dice Game (1 Page PDF)
10) Graphing Colorful Frogs ( 2 Page PDF)
11.) Roll a Leap Frog Dice Game (1 Page PDF)
12) Frog Puzzle Game (4 PDF Pages)
13.) From Frog to Egg Mini Book to print, color, and read  (2 Pages PDF)

Graphics used in the package where stated on each sheet:
Charlotte’s Clips
Graphics From The pond
Visit From the Pond Website for GREAT Graphics!
All files are Copyright C. Gallagher 2013 at Teaching Heart

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