Ladybug Pre-K and Kindergarten Pack

Life Cycle Printables - Math and Reading too!

Life Cycle Printables - Ladybug Themed Math and Reading Prek-K!

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A ladybug life cycle unit that includes some early math and reading activities. Below is a list of all items found in this packet. I used these lesson fillers with Preschool. They would also work for Kindergarten. Please see preview for more pictures of items found in packet.

(Pages 3-4) 5 Little Lady Bug Flap Book—Student colors and traces numbers. The bugs disappear as the student read the
poem and turns the pages.
(Pages 5-8) Various 5 Little Lady Bug Poem Formats for use.

(Pages 9 –10) Counting Lady Bugs Pocket Chart Pieces or Center—Student counts ladybugs and matches it to a leaf.

(Page 11) - Simple ladybug life cycle pocket chart pieces.

(Pages 12-13) Lady Bug Life Cycle Cut and Paste—In color and black and white

(Pages 14-18) Lady Bug Life Cycle Cut and Past Wheel Craft—In color and black and white. Spin the wheel and share each stage of the life cycle.

(Page 19) Ladybug Cycle Cut, Sort, Count, Trace, and Graph—Student activity sheet covering many early math skills.

(Page 20) Ladybug Early Glyph Fun—Great way to introduce data interpretation with the younger students. Work through the glyph in small groups and let your students share their finished glyph with a parent. Easy—all you need are crayons!!

(Page 21) Ladybug counting puzzle—Print and laminate. Students can put the puzzle together. How many ladybugs do you see when you put the puzzle together. I like to print and bag a few of these to use in a center.

(Page 22) Ladybug Phonics Activity Sheet—Student worksheet.

(Page 23) Ladybug Roll and Draw Dice Game—Students take turns rolling the dice and drawing colored spots on a ladybug. First person to get all six colors drawn on the bug wins.

(Page 24) Ladybug 10 Frames Student Worksheet—Students cut, count, and paste the numbers.

All files copyright C. Gallagher 2013. Graphics used:
Original Country Clipart By Lisa—
Ashley Hughes @
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