Flip Flop Glyph and First Grade Math Review

Summer Fun Review for First Grade Common Core Math Skills

Flip Flops and so fun and will make this review of first grade math flipping fabulous. Plus the glyph is such a fun craftivity!

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Flip Flop Glyph
and Math Review Activities

This set
includes a great Flip Flop Glyph activity to do at the End of the
Year or Beginning of the Year. Templates and many glyph
related activities included. Various First Grade Math
Review Activities and Center Activities in a Flip Flop Theme are
included in this set. Below are the items you get with this

1.) Flip Flop Glyph Activities (Pg. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) Question
sheet for student to determine what their final glyph will look
like. Templates to make a set of class Glyphs (Print on
cardstock). Glyph Display Key Included. Student question
sheet included. Read the given flip flop activity. Class
data activity sheet.

2.) Flip Flop
Count, Tally, and Graph Center (PG. 9 & 10) Student
uses the page of flip flops to complete a tally and graph sheet.
Student answers questions about their created graph.

3.) Roll it,
Write it, Flip Flop It Cumulative Review (Page 11) Provide
2 dice. Students roll the dice and write a number sentence
based on their roll. If they roll a 6 and a 2, their
number sentence would be 6+2 = 8 . Next they flip-flop that
problem and make 2+6=8.

4.) Flip Flop
Time to Hour and Half Review (Page 12, 13, 14, 15) Student
read the time on the clock and writes the given time on the empty
flip flop.

5.) Flip
Flopping Place Value Activity (Page 16) Roll it, draw it,
and Expand it

6.) Flip Flop
Greater Than Less Than Cut It Up Activity (Page 17) -

7.) Flip
Flop Change Counting Review (Page 18-19) - Student cuts out
change on page 19 and glues it under the correct pair of flip

Copyright 2013 C. Gallagher

Set includes graphics from:
Coin Clipart is Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Designs and Glitter
Meets Glue Designs and Graphics from the Pond
and Charlottes Clips and Jessica
Sawyer Designs

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