The Kissing Hand Literature Extensions

Files to go along with the story.

Great for back to school in Preschool or Kindergarten

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Kissing Hand Literature Extensions for Preschool and Kindergarten. Great for Back to School Time or anytime of the year! Math and reading activities, games, and centers! Below is what you will find in this set. Please see preview for pictures of
all items found in this set.

614.) A to Z Puzzles to use in small groups or as a literacy center.

15.16) Cut Up and Sort Day and Night Sentences. Use during group

17.) Count Up and MatchCount the kisses and match to the Raccoon with the
correct number.

18.) Beginning Middle EndAs a class read through the statements and circle
beginning, middle, or end.

19.) Take Chester to the Kissing Hand Dice Board GameRoll the dice and race to the kissing hand. Use foam shaped hearts as

2021.) Roll and Put together a ChesterDice game. Cut out
shapes to form Chester. Roll the dice and put together Chester.

22.24) Dice Cover-Up Games

25.26.) Beginning Sound Cover Up

27.28.) Count by 1s and a Count by 5s PuzzleI suggest
you print, laminate, and cut these. Place in puzzle center
for students to use.

29.) Kissing Hand handprint poem and pagestudent places they handprint on the page and glues a heart in the center. They can take this home to share the Kissing Hand.

30.) Kissing Hand 10 frames count, cut, and glue
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