Behavior Management Clip Chart and First Day Activity: Owl Themed

Owl Themed Behavior Chart and Resources

Owl Themed Behavior Clip Chart and Other Resources for The Classroom

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Cute and Colorful Owl Themed Clip Chart and Whoooooo's in Our Class Bulletin Board Set - please see preview for more details

Pages 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11—Clip Chart Cards
Page 12 –13—I used these two templates to cut out black backgrounds for my cards to be places on.
Page 14—Cards to give to students that Rule the Roost
Page 15—Student Numbers to hot glue onto clips once they are laminated
Page 16—Student Behavior Weekly Tracker
Page 17—Owl About Me Sheet—Perfect to send home before school starts. Display on a bulletin board with page 18 or with the large banner on the second file of the zipped document.

All files PDF and Publisher

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