Telling Time - What's the Time, Valentine?

Telling Time Activities For Second Grade

Math Centers and Activity Sheets with a hearts / Valentine's Day Theme!

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Fun Valentine’s Day Themed telling time activities written for grade 2. Includes elapsed time and telling time in five minute increments. Includes 22 heart shaped puzzles. I tried to make these easy to print and use. (all black and white files)! Just print and go!!!

Page 3 and 4—Two Valentine’s Day Themed Time Worksheets. A story is told and a time is given for each sentence, student must put the minute and hour hand on the clock to match the sentence.

Pages 5 to 8—Elapsed Time (hour to half-hour) task cards. You get six task cards and a record sheet. I printed the task cards on bright pink paper. Makes a great math center!

Page 9 to 13—Self checking heart puzzles. One side has the clock and the other the time. Student matches. 22 puzzles. Great for a math center. (5 minute increments)

Page 14—Activity sheet. What time is it, Valentine? The student writes the time next to the clock. (5 minute increments)

Page 15—Activity sheet. Student draws the minute hand and hour hand on the clock to match the given time. (5 minute increments)

Page 16—This sheet is a blank clock that you can program as you wish and then run copies.

Page 17—Cut apart puzzle. Print and cut apart. Have students glue the puzzle back together. Start time is 12:15 to 1:30.

All files copyright C. Gallagher 2014
Graphics purchased and used in this set:
Confetti Graphics , Graphics From the Pond , and Microsoft Clipart!

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