Teddy Bear Themed Activities

Pocket chart pieces, crafts, and worksheets for your bear themed unit!

Kindergarten and preschool files for a bear themed unit.

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Fun with bears in Preschool and Kindergarten. Bear themed activities, pocket chart displays, manipulatives, craft templates, and more for your theme.
Page 3—Color, Trace, and Dab Dots for a Teddy Bear Picnic. Student Worksheet.
Page 4—Teddy Bear Counting Activity sheet. Cut out missing numbers and glue in correct place.
Page 5 and 6—Favorite Teddy Bear Poems
Page 7 to 9 —Teddy Bear Number Recognition Pocket chart pieces and activity. Numbers 1-12.
Page 10—14—Ten Teddy Bears in a Bed Activity. Magnetic White Board Pieces included.
Pages 15 to 18—Gummy Bear Colors and Shapes. Activities and Manipulatives.
Page 19 to 20—Bear in Cave Craft Cup Idea with printable bear template.
Pages 21 to 23—Coffee Bear Craft with Fingerprint Bee Hive.
Pages 24 to 27—Hands on Teddy Bear Picnic Themed Activities. Sequencing, Patterns, and Counting
Pages 28 to 29—Teddy Grahams Math Fun. Also edible treats to make for Teddy Bear Snacks.
Pages 30 to 31— Teddy Bear Exploration Activity
Pages 32 and 33—God Loves Me Beary Much Craft idea and template.
All Files are Copyright C. Gallagher www.teachingheart.net

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